Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Google Cloud Drops Custom Linux For Debian

Google's Cloud Drops Custom Linux For Debian - Cloud Computing -: "Google has been using its own custom version of Linux, Google Compute Engine Linux, as it loads its customers' applications into its infrastructure as a service. It announced Thursday that it's dropping that approach in favor of using the Debian Linux distribution."

Cloud computing is silver lining for Russian firms
RIGA — Russian police marched into a small company's office in Moscow and told everyone to sit down and wait to be interviewed. They left hours later with all the computers. "You can imagine how much of a problem it was. We had no backups," said the ...


5 Cloud Computing Trends For 2013
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In 2012, cloud computing became a much bigger trend in the business and networking world. IDC have predicted a 130% increase in cloud computing by 2016, meaning an increase to $43 billion. Here are some of the five trends to look out for that are ...

Are Cloud Tools Changing the Landscape of the Internet?
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cloud computing The landscape of the web is endless, which is one of the amazing things about the new age we live in. New technologies are regularly being introduced and just as people begin using them in their everyday lives, something else is ...

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AMD announces new and improved hardware acceleration features for Adobe ...
AMD has announced that it has significantly improved hardware acceleration for Adobe's Photoshop Creative Cloud and Premiere Pro Creative Cloud services. The company says that the collaboration between Adobe and AMD to provide high-quality,...


SecureIT awarded Cloud Computing Security Contract from EDC - PRWeb
PR Web (press release)
SecureIT worked with EDC to develop an IT strategy using cloud computing to meet its business and security obligations while supporting EDC business goals such as increased mobility and resource efficiency. SecureIT will develop a plan and assist EDC ...

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