Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ready to move to the cloud

Why I'm ready to ditch my dedicated server and move to the cloud | ZDNet: " . . . I only have to play network engineer a few times a year, and it’s usually for something simple. This level of mucking about with servers only comes along every few years, thankfully. But it’s painful enough that I’ve been looking at the alternatives. Can I hand the whole thing over to someone else? A lot of the reasons I need a powerful dedicated server have vanished over the past decade. . . ."

Ex Amazon Employee: Google Is 'A Threat 'To Amazon's Cloud
Business Insider
A former Amazon Web Services engineer recently conducted an Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit, and one of the more surprising things he said was just how much of a threat Google's cloud computing service is to Amazon. That's because Google's cloud ...

Cloud Gaining Traction In Government, Education Markets -
The potential for reduced costs is causing cloud computing to gain momentum in the government and education space. "I'm seeing SaaS offerings growing rapidly, driven by the education software developers seeing an opportunity to gain new customers," ...

IBM updates COBOL to extend System javascript:void(0)z into the cloud
The company said that its System/z COBOL software update would look to add Java 7 and XML server capabilities to the platform, allowing the mainframe line to host cloud computing applications and services. The update is part of what IBM sees as an ...

Adobe announces Creative Cloud
You also get 20 gigs of cloud storage for sharing, storage and collaborating, Web hosting services and training tutorials. You also receive a membership to Behance ProSite integrated into your Creative Cloud subscription. Behance is an online portfolio ...

Tableau, Marketo IPOs Ending Facebook's Tech Chill?
Investor's Business Daily
Big Data and cloud computing IPOs soared Friday as investor appetite for new issues — particularly potential highflying techs — seems to have fortified. Tableau Software (DATA), which helps companies mine and make sense of the massive silos of data ...

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