Thursday, May 2, 2013

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With Experience Comes Wisdom in Cloud Computing, Survey Shows
Actually, cloud computing is, in a way, the bottling and packaging of information technology experience. But still, even with something so nicely pre-packaged as cloud, there is still a learning curve that must be climbed. The good news is that cloud ...

SMEs must embrace the cloud to achieve global growth
The Guardian (blog)
Of all the developments in information communication technology (ICT) over the past decade, cloud computing has been one of the key gamechangers, offering far-reaching benefits for businesses. With new innovations in technology emerging on an almost ...

The Guardian (blog)

Cloud Brokerage and Enablement; Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) Market ...
Sacramento Bee
In the increasingly complex cloud computing scenario, there exists a dire need to amalgamate allcloud-based services and offerings on an integrated platform, to ensure seamless delivery to the end-user. With a wide array of offerings spanning across ...

Cloud computing gaining traction as benefits become irresistible
According to the IDC, CIOs in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region acknowledge the benefits of cloud infrastructure and nearly 47% of CIOs in Africa are already engaged in cloud strategy of some kind. Part of this trend of moving towards ...


Cloud Security Starts With Development, Better Tools
Dark Reading
Based on software tested by the company in 2012, the study found that 99 percent of applications deployed as Web and cloud services had vulnerabilities--an average of 13 flaws per application. Cross-site scripting, information leakage and session ...

BitTorrent Sync lets you sync directly between devices without cloud storage
PC Authority
The problem with syncing via the cloud is that you usually have to pay for any meaningful amount of storage space, and that's before you consider the potential implications of having a copy of your sensitive data stored in the cloud. However tight your ...

Cisco Buys SolveDirect: Cloud Service Implications for the Enterprise
Business 2 Community
As enterprises seek the best in cloud services, numerous changes are occurring in the cloudmarket. Picking the best each provider has to ... The acquisition may have huge implications for the enterprise cloud computing industry. SolveDirect is known ...

Cloud Security Alliance Extends Memberships with New SMB Level
Talkin' Cloud
"By educating and helping these businesses understand and apply best practices to cloud computing, we hope to give them the cost-effective competitive edge to create new opportunities and markets for their businesses." Although launched in Europe, the ...

Amazon doesn't reveal what it makes on cloud computing, but here's the number ...
But it appears the company has left enough hints to, finally, discern how much it makes on its cloud computing business, known as Amazon Web Services, which provides the backbone for a growing portion of the internet: about $2.4 billion a year. In the ...

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