Monday, October 14, 2013

Nirvanix cloud service, abrupt shut down

Nirvanix confirms abrupt shut down rumors (but doesn’t apologize for royally screwing customers) | VentureBeat: "Nirvanix . . . an alternative to industry giant Amazon Web Services (AWS), and formed partnerships with lots of notable tech firms like Symantec, IBM, Dell, Ooyala, and many others. . . . The shutdown is likely to send a chill up the spine of anyone using a lesser-known cloud storage provider, and could have larger implications going forward. For instance, companies may be more hesitant to go with a smaller cloud storage service for fear of a repeat of Nirvanix happening — even if that smaller cloud storage service is cheaper and makes more sense to use than the larger, more established services."

Don't Live in Fear of Your Cloud Storage Provider Going Under
Don't Live in Fear of Your Cloud Storage Provider Going Under. The closure of cloud storage provider Nirvanix sent a chill through the cloud storage industry ...


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