Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shuttleworth Says Prism Will Drive Cloud to Other Jurisdictions

Shuttleworth: Prism Will Drive Cloud to ‘Other Jurisdictions’ - The CIO Report - WSJ: "Mr. Shuttleworth says that programs like Prism will lead some countries to offer cloud vendors conditions that will make it more attractive for customers to store their data. “Other jurisdictions will emerge… that will provide an environment for your cloud where you can have more clarity about data,” he said. Just as certain countries are seen as better places to register ships, “data is going to become something of which we expect to be mindful of the regulatory environment in which it lives.” According to Mr. Shuttleworth, a growing awareness of data compliance, access and management will lead countries to “become interested in creating national strategies around that… I don’t see it as terribly unhealthy if we see cloud concentrating in certain jurisdictions,” he said. “I think regulatory competition is healthy.”"

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