Friday, October 11, 2013

Verizon Terremark, public cloud computing, storage

Verizon Terremark launches public cloud compute, storage | ZDNet: " . . . Ultimately, Clarke said Verizon Terremark wants to up the ante on cloud service level agreements and entice customers by competing on reliability, security and operational efficiency. "The table stakes are being price competitive, but the implementation and service offering is what actually matters," said Clarke. Verizon Terremark plans to start on boarding customers this month. Pricing plans, which weren't outlined, will be via negotiated prices and contracts as well as online via credit card."

Verizon's next cloud services emphasize performance, granular billing
VMware VMs, for instance, can run on Verizon's cloud. Other hypervisors, namely Microsoft's Hyper-V and the open source KVM, will be supported in the future...


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