Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Android Auto, OnLive, Cloud Virtualization

From Android Auto to OnLive: how video is becoming the secret glue of connected devices — Tech News and Analysis: "...OnLive has also been looking to bring the same technology to other areas. The company is also offering a cloud desktop service to consumers, which makes it possible to run a Windows desktop and Microsoft Office apps on iPads and Android tablets, and has started to pitch its technology to enterprises that want to bring their apps to a wide variety of devices. Another company using the same approach is ActiveVideo, which pitches this kind of virtualization as a way for pay TV service operators to bring modern user interfaces and even apps to customers that haven’t gotten their cable box replaced for a couple of years. ActiveVideo works with Cablevision and Charter in the U.S., and recently helped Liberty Global to launch a YouTube app on legacy cable boxes in Hungary. Interest in cloud virtualization has been growing so much that Amazon even launched its own service, dubbed AppStream, in March. AppStream renders video games and other resource-intensive applications on Amazon’s servers, for which the company’s GPU instances come in handy, and then streams them as video streams to a wide variety of devices...."

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