Friday, July 25, 2014

Google Cloud Storage Gets Closer to Free

With Google Offer, Cloud Storage Gets Closer to Free - Digits - WSJ: "... Research firm Gartner in March estimated companies’ spending on outsourced computing services like those provided by Google and Amazon would rise 45% this year to $13.3 billion. Panzura, the startup working with Google, helps companies store data remotely in Amazon, Google and Microsoft data centers and provides tools that let them access the files from multiple locations with existing software programs. The Google offer covers access from one location using a free Panzura service. If companies need access from multiple locations, they have to pay Panzura, although Google will still charge nothing for the storage for a year. “This is a way for customers to try something new, especially if they have had some kind of aversion to using the cloud in the past,” said Chris Rimer, global head of partners at Google’s Cloud Platform business. He said Google wants to encourage businesses to move more of their computing to the cloud. “We want to make sure potential customers are not worried about cost as a barrier to entry,” Rimer said... " (read more at link above)

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