Monday, July 7, 2014

Google I/O 2014, Cloud Computing

Google I/O 2014: 5 Surprises For Investors - Seeking Alpha: ".... All Roads Lead to Google Cloud Platform: Google used to stand for simplicity. From the Google search engine home page to Google Apps, just about everything the company designed was simple, simple, simple to use. But in recent years, Google has started to suffer from complexity. The company has numerous platforms, developer initiatives and strategic directions. For developers and investors, too many platforms can wind up confusing or "stalling" a market and harming future growth. My Prediction: Google will continue to build, launch, kill and experiment with new platforms. But the ultimate goal is rather simple to explain. Each platform must either (a) drive more users to Google's search engine or (b) drive more IT workloads onto Google Cloud Platform. Generally speaking, Amazon Inc. Web Services and Microsoft's Azure dominate most of today's cloud discussions. But I believe Google Cloud Platform is coming on strong."

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