Monday, July 21, 2014

Cloud Computing, What is a Container

Cloud Computing Could Do More to Save the Planet Than Electric Cars | Enterprise | WIRED: "...What is a container? Basically, it’s a way of encapsulating software–wrapping it in a neat package so that it’s isolated from other software running on a computer operating system. If you use a container format that runs on many operating systems, this means you can easily move software applications from machine to machine–something that’s vitally important in the cloud computing world, where software is spread across hundreds and even thousands of servers. This is what Docker is trying to facilitate. But containers also provide what’s called “resource isolation.” This means is you can carefully control how much of a machine’s processing and memory resources are allocated to a particular container. And if you can do that, you can more efficiently squeeze many applications onto the same machine. “It’s kind of like slicing a cake,” says Pantheon’s David Strauss. “You can give each person a slice of cake. Some people can get a proportionally smaller piece and some people get a proportionally larger piece. But everybody gets cake.”..."

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