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7 Cheap Cloud Storage Options

7 Cheap Cloud Storage Options
Given that about half of American consumers think cloud services can impact the weather, it's clear the appeal of online storage still isn't widely understood. This confusion ... The cloud storage equation, in other words, forces users to weigh a ...

Cloud Computing – Why Waiting Might Make Sense
Data Center Knowledge (blog)
Many can argue that, by the definition, these organizations are already using cloud computing. But what about actual cloud platforms? Creating your own public, private or even hybrid cloud? Although cloud computing can have powerful benefits, some ...

Data Center Knowledge (blog)

Microsoft's Ballmer Touts Tablets, Phone, Cloud
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer described the departure of Steven Sinofsky as the head of Windows 8 development as "amicable" and said that Microsoft is well positioned in tablets, phones and cloud computing to start expanding its business again. "He's ...

Dropbox offers another access point to cloud storage with Chooser
Dropbox offers another access point to cloud storage with Chooser. Summary: Following the integration with Facebook Groups, Dropbox offers developers with more tools to offer users with another way to access their cloud-based files. Rachel King ...

Head in the clouds: Business starting to use cloud without knowing what they ...
ZDNet (blog)
Companies are pressing ahead with adoption of cloud computing even though they haven't finished working out their formal strategies for using it. Analyst IDC surveyd companies in the UK ... Because it's so easy to procure a number of cloud services ...

How GoDaddy is growing into a SaaS company
Web-hosting giant GoDaddy is trying to grow into a products company to help its small business customers move into the modern computing era rather than just hosting their websites. A conversion to mobile websites is first, but cloud services are on the ...


The Short Thesis for Cloud Computing Company, ServiceNow Inc
ServiceNow Inc (NYSE:NOW) was taken public earlier this year at $18/share and has since ridden the cloud computing wave to a price of $30/share, implying an eye-popping 18.3x 2012E revenue multiple. Even if ServiceNow becomes the market leader and ...

IT's new battlegrounds in the cloud revolution
Cloud computing is turning into a true utility, as essential to any business as water or electricity. This evolution is driven by massive investments by cloud companies, itself funded from businesses' increased reliance and spending on cloud services ...

IceWarp Joins Rackspace Partner Program to Build Out Cloud Services
Talkin' Cloud
Messaging solutions company IceWarp has joined the Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) partner program with the intention of expanding its cloud services and programs. Every cloud platform provider has its wins, and here's another one that Rackspace can put up on ...

Cloud Computing, Data Privacy Rules, and Data Security
Midsize Insider
New data privacy regulations in both the EU and US could impose additional security management and privacy protection standards for cloud computing. And for IT managers at midsize firms the new rules could end up being a good thing. Yes, the new rules ...

Newvem makes its Amazon analytics available — Cloud Computing ...
By Barb Darrow
First and foremost “we've learned that cloud users are sick and tired of hearing about saving costs … we're helping cloud users [instead] focus on their business and how the cloud impacts profit,” said Cameron Peron, Newvem VP of marketing ...

Special needs education: How cloud computing is making a difference
By Monica Gupta
With my passion for keeping up to date on the advances in special needs education, I wondered howcloud computing was impacting the special education field. This is an area where a lot of children need help but where money is always in ...
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An Indian Perspective on Cloud Computing - IEEE - The Institute
Joshua J. Romero is an associate editor at IEEE Spectrum, currently reporting on technology from Bangalore, India. “The cloud has flattened IT the way networks ...

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