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Cloud computing in 2013

Cloud computing in 2013: a conversation with Appcore's CEO
Since his company is in the business of providing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) tools, it appeared to be an excellent opportunity to discuss what Appcore has learned from its customers' experiences using cloud computing. In the end, the ...

Fusion Acquires Unified Communications and Cloud Services Provider NBS
Fusion also gains advanced back office systems that will drive operating and service delivery efficiencies, as well as a complementary voice, data and cloud services platform and network that will allow us to deliver our integrated cloud solutions ...

Review: WinZip 17 stays fresh with cloud storage and social sharing features
And yet, the 20 year-old utility soldiers on with version 17, delivering impressive utility and showing a keen awareness of the rapidly evolving cloud storage and file sharing landscape. New integration with cloud storage services and social networks ...

BYOD and Cloud Storage: A One Two Punch to Enterprise Security
Technology Guide
The enterprise doesn't event need to formally deploy and adopt these popular cloud services to be at risk. Users might set up an informal Dropbox at work for quick and easy access while away. Who in IT has eyes on that? Beyond cloud storage, users can ...

Technology Guide

After Sandy, Manual Labor Keeps Cloud Services Running
All Things Digital
The whole point about cloud computing services that live on servers that customers never see, never touch, never think about is exactly that. The physical infrastructure is out of sight, out of mind, and customers focus on running their applications ...

The Real Deal: Why 'Cloud' Is No Longer Sufficient
Wired (blog)
Cloud computing is the future of IT. It's a game-changer that is setting a whole new paradigm for our industry. CIOs and high-level IT executives across all market verticals are expected to put a plan for cloud in place, or better yet, to have already ...

Wired (blog)

Amazon speeds up EBS storage input-output — again
On Thursday it also announced Ruby and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) support for Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk Platform as a Service (PaaS). Earlier in the week it unveiled two new 64-bit instance types for Amazon's bread-and-butter Elastic Compute ...

AT&T Locker offers free cloud storage for Android and iOS users
AT&T is now offering customers a cloud storage service with 5GB of free storage for select Android and iPhone users. The service is called AT&T Locker and is available on all Android handsets running software version 2.1 or later and iPhone 3GS and ...

Savvis Challenges Amazon With On-Demand IaaS
Savvis has been primarily a large enterprise supplier of cloud services, with specialized deployments built to order. It sold them based on ... It includes articles on cloud computing myths, how to build an IT service catalog, security problems, and more.

Market analysis, prediction and forecast of cloud healthcare ...
By Shamim Hossain
Market analysis, prediction and forecast of cloud healthcare. November 2, 2012 11:08 am by Shamim Hossain. Figure 1 Some scenarios for cloud based healthcare system (Source: Cloud Computing in Healthcare Industry, MC stands for ...
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The Cloud Infrastructure | Cloud Computing Journal
Cloud Computing: Forrester's James Staten: "Not everything will move to the cloud as there are many business processes, data sets and workflows that require specific hardware or proprietary solutions that can't take advantage of cloud economics. For this reason we'll likely still have mainframes 20 years ... Many companies and individual developers are contributing ideas and code for new cloud services, which bring capabi... Nov. 1, 2012 10:27 AM EDT Reads: 786. Cloud Expo ...
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