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The top concerns with cloud storage services

The top concerns with cloud storage services
A new survey released by technical support firm FixYa suggests that the top concerns of cloud storage users are the security of a service, storage limitations, file syncing and missing files. Asking the website's users for commentary on popular cloud ...

Cloud computing's utility future gets closer
Public cloud services can precisely meter how much storage or compute is being used at any one time, though different providers can have different pricing methodologies. As for price-setting mechanics, the fundamental price of public cloud computing is ...

Cloud storage services have their benefits and flaws
CNET (blog)
Tons of options exist for which cloud storage service to choose from. You've got Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, DropBox, Apple's iCloud, and more. A new report by tech support site FixYa, which sourced data from its 25 million users, studies which ...

Microsoft adds selective sync to SkyDrive cloud storage
Despite introducing the service in 2007, the SkyDrive desktop apps were only released six months ago. The apps were designed to make Microsoft's cloud storage solution a more viable competitor to services such as Dropbox. Microsoft that since it ...

Defining the elusive cloud architect
The cloud architect is much like Bigfoot: There are sightings, even some blurry video, but we really don't have solid proof that this creature exists. The problem is cloud computing is so new that it's tough to find people who understand how all of it ...

Meeting the challenges of hybrid cloud computing infrastructures
Network World
As companies embrace cloud computing, many are finding it advantageous to use external cloudsto host non-critical IT services and data while keeping business-critical applications on internal-cloudinfrastructure. However, this hybrid ... Today, there ...

Cloud adoption: Why you have to get the measure of scalability
This is the second year that Northbridge Ventures conducted its Future of Cloud Computing survey and, like most cloud-related surveys, the results offer up interesting titbits in terms of trends and data points — especially when compared with previous ...

Where next for Steven Sinofsky?
He wouldn't have to relocate and Amazon seeks more enterprise expertise for its cloud services push. One Twitter correspondent thinks Seattle-based Tableau, the hot-shot business intelligence startup, would be an interesting choice. And then there's ...


Executives Getting Less Antsy About Public Cloud, Survey Says
Bottom line: cloud adoption is still an immature process, and organizations are still exploring and getting comfortable with the mixes and matches of private, public and hybrid cloud services. And it's going to take some time before cloud computing ...


How Cloud Computing Helped Obama Win the Presidential Election
Jeff Barr, a web services evangelist at has written an interesting blog post on how Amazon's cloud helped Barack Obama win the election. In the post Barr says “imagine setting up the technology infrastructure needed to power a dynamic, ...

Microsoft completes its purchase of cloud computing firm StorSimple ...
By Alex Wilhelm
In Microsoft's eyes, the company was right in the middle of big data and cloud computing, areas that it itself is investing into quite heavily, with its work on Azure and work with Hadoop. StorSimple, Microsoft told TNW, brings “together on-premises and cloud storage [and] data management.” It was our perspective then, and remains, that this purchase is essentially a talent and customer acquisition pickup for Azure, a product that is technically capable, but lacks mindshare in the public ...
The Next Web

Cloud Storage Solutions Examined: FixYa Sheds Light On Problems ...
By James Johnson
Cloud storage solutions are quickly becoming the common place type of storage for many devices. It's hard to buy an iPhone 5, ... Have you had any problems with your cloud services of choice that are not listed above? Category: Technology ...
The Inquisitr

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