Monday, November 12, 2012

How Much The Cloud Will Change The World? Look At Toyota

To Understand Just How Much The Cloud Will Change The World, Look At Toyota
Business Insider
Spend a few minutes talking to Zack Hicks, Toyota's top technology executive in North America, and you'll walk away with a startling revelation: Cloud computing is changing everything about our world from how we work to how we manage our health. Hicks ...

Rethinking IT in the cloud computing era
IT departments need not go away in a computing world increasingly concerned withcloud computing and complex service-oriented systems, but they will have to change. IT has to let go of trying to control everything and focus on coordinating and ...


This week in cloud: hedging Amazon's regions and Rackspace seeks deals
This may not seem like ground-breaking news, but it's worth noting since RedisToGo was reliant on Amazon US-East, the giant cloud provider's oldest and biggest data center complex which has been subject to several glitches over the past year. Those ...


MyShoebox Launches Free and Unlimited Cloud Storage for Photos
MyShoebox is a new photo storage and sharing service that has been making a splash after launching a little over a week ago. Its offering is easy to describe: free and unlimited cloud storagefor photos that can then be viewed from anywhere. Think of ...

ShoreTel lays out channel vision for cloud
ORLANDO -- Cloud was top of mind at ShoreTel's annual Champions partner conference in Orlando, where the company outlined its cloud strategy, how it fits into their on-prem strategy, and how partners fit in. Several ShoreTel execs noted in their ...

A new data destination up in the cloud
The Hindu
At the turn of the decade, while people were expecting cloud computing to revolutionise the computing paradigm, it seems to be trickling in late as subtle practices altering users' computing etiquette. Small-scale attempts such as Dropbox are gaining ...

The Hindu

Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: DoxOut
CloudTweaks News
So what exactly is the cloud aspect on DoxOut? It is more of Platform as a Service (PaaS) kind of offering than infrastructure. It concentrates on the application part of cloud computing. It helps to manage documents/files across gadgets, however ...

Cloud Solutions - Symantec
Build secure, compliant and highly available private and public clouds. ... Enterprises seek the agility and efficiency promised with cloud computing but still desire ... providers are choosing to build and deliver cloud services for their customers.

7 Enterprise Cloud Computing Trends To Watch
According to a survey by Everest Group and Cloud Connect, cloud adoption is on ... Here's a look at 7 enterprise cloud adoption patterns and cloud computing ...

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