Friday, May 9, 2014

Cloud Computing, a Necessity

It's become common to consider cloud services as an alternative to on-premises applications and internal data centers. But with the new levels of pricing, controls, and options, it's now getting to the point where most organizations can assume cloud first, and only use internal applications and datacenters when they have a compelling reason to do so....(infra)

Cloud Computing: A Necessity, Not an Option: " . . . About a month ago, Google started this round of price cutting at its Cloud Platform Live event, where it cut prices on most of its services, some rather dramatically. Compute fees dropped by 32 percent, and standard storage prices went down to 2.6 cents per gigabyte per month. A similar drop in prices for its consumer product, Google Drive, gives you 1TB of storage for about $10 a month. That's quite compelling. More importantly was the company's assertion that "We think cloud pricing should track Moore's Law," which suggests that pricing decreases will continue...."

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