Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Microsoft, Mobile First, Cloud First Strategy

Microsoft's Mobile First, Cloud First Strategy, Explained - InformationWeek: "...IoT [internet of things] is a mega-bet, and Microsoft would be foolish to exclude Windows from the party. Even if IoT achieves only a quarter of the most optimistic projections, it will be a profoundly disruptive force, a tide that raises many ships and encompasses everything from wearable devices to smarter city infrastructure. In the PC world, Microsoft made its money by snaring around 90% of the market. In the IoT world, the company could generate a lot more cash with a lot less market share. The cross-platform opportunity is a mega-bet too -- and that's the point. When the bets are this large, Microsoft can afford for one to lightly infringe on the other. The company's focus is no longer the preservation of sacred cows; it's about synergies. Microsoft doesn't need to match Apple's smartphone sales to become the next decade's biggest IT player, but it needs a critical mass of users across every sphere -- datacenters, offices, consumers, professionals, wearables, embedded systems, PCs, tablets, phablets, smartphones, you name it. "This is gold rush time," Nadella said. "And when it comes to that, we have the broadest SaaS solution and the broadest platform solution. That combination of those assets doesn't come often." Indeed, at the heart of the synergies sits Azure, the cloud platform that supports Microsoft's services, and which benefits from new users wherever they come from. If you're using Skype on a Surface, Office on an iPad, or on an Android device, you're feeding Azure all the same. It certainly doesn't hurt that as Azure grows more reliable and fully featured, it's also become a platform for others to build their own clouds...." (read more at link above)

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