Friday, May 16, 2014

Google and the Cloud

HEARD ON THE STREET: Google: Weapon of Choice in the Cloud - "...Google already has a reputation as a high roller. It recruits at a ferocious pace and spends billions of dollars on projects well beyond the core advertising business that still accounts for about 90% of its revenue. These include things like Web-connected glasses, self-driving cars, and home automation. Rising spending reflects what the tech business has become: a platform game. This involves the provision of mobile and cloud-based services backed by large networks of data centers. Consumers now stream music, photos and movies on the cloud rather than store all this content on their devices. Businesses, meanwhile, are shifting from using on-site software and data storage to services provided over the Internet. The networks required for all this aren't cheap, and Google's largest rivals are building them as well....(read more at the link above)

 More Cloud News below--computing, storage, infrastructure, security (on mobile @ web version -- link below)


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