Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Red Hat Playing Hardball on OpenStack Software?

Rivals Fear That Red Hat Is Using Linux Dominance to Block Use of Alternative Cloud Software

Red Hat Plays Hardball on OpenStack Software - "....In its quest to sell OpenStack, Red Hat has chosen not to provide support to its commercial Linux customers if they use rival versions of OpenStack, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The company's support, which includes providing bug fixes and helping customers if they run into technical problems, is a key reason people use Red Hat rather than free versions of Linux. Since Red Hat's Linux is used so widely in corporate computing systems, with a 64% share of the paid Linux market, according to IDC, some organizations say the lack of support can discourage them from using other versions of OpenStack. One senior engineer of a prominent research institute wanted to use Mirantis OpenStack software because he believed Mirantis had more experience with the technology than Red Hat, but once he heard Red Hat would drop support of its Linux software, "Mirantis was out of the picture," said the person. Red Hat says it would cost too much to support different versions of OpenStack, and that its cloud software needs to be tied tightly to its Linux distribution....."

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