Friday, June 3, 2011

Cloud computing and the public sector

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Public Sector Slow To Adopt Cloud Computing
By Elizabeth Montalbano InformationWeek With all of the publicity surrounding the federal government's push into the cloud, the public sector still trails the private sector in its adoption ofcloud computing globally, according to a new study. ...
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Apple's iCloud could be free to start, later cost $25 annually
Los Angeles Times
Apple's upcoming iCloud service is looking to push users into the cloud -- or at least their iTunes music collection anyway -- and it will be doing it for free. Well, at no charge to consumers to start. But, later on, Apple is planning to charge iCloud ...
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Apple iCloud: 5 Burning Questions
By Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld Jun 2, 2011 9:25 AM Apple is set to unveil a sleeve of cloud services called iCloud. Apple boss Steve Jobs will make the long-awaited announcement June 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. ...
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Cloud Services vs. Desktop Apps: What Fits Your Needs?
Google's cloud-based application has been capturing the attention (and the messages) of hundreds of millions of users since its 2004 beta launch. With 7 GB of storage space available for every user and the capability to be viewed from any browser on ...
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Amazon, Microsoft Cloud Outages No Reason To Avoid Cloud Services
By Andrew R Hickey, CRN The string of recent cloud outages shouldn't stop solution providers from moving toward cloud computing, several executives said this week at Ingram Micro's Cloud Services Summit in Phoenix. Instead, cloud outages suffered by ...
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Are Banks Using The Cloud?
Forbes (blog)
By FORRESTER RESEARCH By James Staten Ever since 2009 when NIST published its first definition of cloud computing there has been a promise of community clouds, and now we finally have a second one in the financial services market, thanks to NYSE...
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Apple fuels cloud computing hype all over again
Not relevant to cloud; not even in the ballpark. And you, IT person, grumpily reading this over your grumpy coffee and your grumpy keyboard, you have Apple to thank for turning the gas back on under the hype balloon. Now, when you talk about cloud to ...
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Disney CEO: The Cloud Will Improve Digital Entertainment
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Geoffrey A. Fowler Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger said the company isn't part of the launch of Apple's iCloud next week, but sees a future for entertainment in the cloud. Speaking at “D9: All Things Digital,” Iger said that cloud storage, ...
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