Friday, June 10, 2011

NOAA goes Google

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From Ocean to Cloud: NOAA Goes Google Apps
The climate and weather agency joins a growing list of its federal government peers moving to cloud-based email and collaboration. By J. Nicholas Hoover InformationWeek National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration CIO Joe Klimavicz announced ...
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iTunes in the Cloud allows re-downloading of apps Apple removed from App Store
Apple Insider
By Slash Lane With the new iTunes in the Cloud service, users can re-download all applications that were once purchased, including software that is no longer publicly available on the App Store. As discovered by (via Engadget), ...
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The Web is Dead, Long Live the Cloud
Big Think (blog)
To replace it, Jobs proposed a new, device-centric Cloud. The basic idea behind the Cloud is that, instead of information stored as files and folders on your personal computer, this information will be stored in a virtual “cloud” that is connected to ...
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Cloud Services May Help Curb Piracy
By Matthew Calamia | Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:32 am Cloud services from Apple and Google can help fight piracy, as their inexpensive cost and ease might result in a decline of illegal media downloads. According to Victoria Espinel, coordinator of US ...
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