Friday, June 24, 2011

Databases in the Cloud

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Four Companies Rethink Databases for the Cloud
By James Niccolai, IDG News Several companies are developing new database technologies to solve what they see as the shortcomings of traditional, relational database management systems in acloud environment. Four of them described the approaches ...
Report: The Necessity Of Datacenters For Cloud Gaming
by Frank Cifaldi [Console/PC, Social/Online, Business] As OnLive and Gaikai are proving, cloud gaming -- that is, streaming gameplay from an external source rather than relying on local processing power -- is a reality. OnLive is already in the hands ...
Wyoming cuts cable, moves to cloud with Google Apps
State governments, as well as federal agencies, are gradually moving email services to the cloud. The City of Los Angeles has movedto Google, and Colorado has a statewide effort under way, although sign-up is voluntary. Microsoft is also gaining some ...
Microsoft's New Cloud Chief Dismisses Sales Scare Talk
Satya Nadella, in his first public appearance since taking over for Microsoft's Bob Muglia, said that the cloud age equals a sales opportunity for Microsoft, not a threat. By Charles Babcock InformationWeek Satya Nadella, in his first public appearance ...
Survey: Cost, scalability are primary drivers for cloud usage
ZDNet (blog)
By Rachel King | June 23, 2011, 12:01pm PDT There's nonstop talk about how cloud computing is in its infancy this week at GigaOm's Structure conference in San Francisco. Nevertheless, more companies are favoring the cloud each day for different reasons ...
LaCie CloudBox Stores Data Locally & in Cloud
Tom's Hardware Guide
Here's a 100 GB hybrid device that will store your files both locally and in the cloud... for a fee, naturally. Earlier this week, LaCie revealed a hybrid network-based storage device that backs up data both locally and to the cloud...
Why the cloud needs new forms of networking
23, 2011, 5:49pm PT No Comments OpenFlow was definitely one of the hottest topics at GigaOM's Structure conference this year, and everyone was talking about ways to improve networking for thecloud. But why does the cloud even need new networking ...
Drawing a Curtain Around the Cloud
This week, the cloud computing start-ups Bromium and ScaleXTreme each announced exceptional investor funding of $9.2 and $11 million respectively. Bromium promises to deliver security services for the cloud, while ScaleXTreme specializes in helping ...
Red Hat Evolves Cloud Offerings with Private Cloud Architecture Course
MarketWatch (press release)
The Red Hat Cloud Architecture course trains participants on a range of skills needed to plan, build and manage private clouds. It brings together the full suite of Red Hat products, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Application ...
Best Buy Should Get Out Of The Cloud
MediaPost Publications
Best Buy's Cloud Music service is coming under fire for technical glitches and other shortcomings even before it's formally launched in the US Early reviews of the retail giant's cloud-based media offering this week have been withering, bashing such ...
Great Firewall of China getting a small cloud-based silver lining ...
By Brian Heater
China, it seems, is getting ready to punch a cloud-shaped hole in its infamous Great Firewall. A massive six square mile office park currently being.
Cloud News: GoDaddy, IBM, NaviSite « Data Center Knowledge
By John Rath
Go Daddy launches data center on demand, IBM introduces Smart Cloud for disaster recovery, NavitSite launches UK cloud node.
Data Center Knowledge
Benioff Says the Cloud is Passe - ReadWriteCloud
By David Strom
Last week at Salesforce's Boston Cloudforce event, CEO Mark Benioff is moving on beyond the cloudand called it passé. Really? ...
China building GFW-free cloud computing zone for tech companies
By Francis Tan
China is building a cloud computing Special Administrative Region (SAR) for tech companies to have unrestricted access to the Internet.
The Next Web
Lacie's Cloudbox Offers 100GB In The Cloud – And On Your Desk
By John Biggs
The Cloudbox by Lacie is a little weird. It's basically a $199 100GB drive with 100GB of cloud storage on Lacie's own service. ...
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