Sunday, June 5, 2011

iCloud and Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs appearance at WWDC is bullish for Apple
BY BOB HOLT Apple announced officially this past week that it will be debuting its new cloudservices offering, to be called iCloud. They also noted that CEO Steve Jobs will be giving the keynote address for the World Wide Developers Conference on ...
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Music Industry's Blessing Lifts Hopes For iCloud
by Laura Sydell On Monday, Apple will be the third big company to introduce a service that will let you access your music from a so-called cloud. Google and Amazon already have music services that make use of the cloud, but there's a difference. ...
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Microsoft to unveil Office 365 with an eye on small businesses
Microsoft is launching its cloud offering Office 365 later this month with a splashy event in NYC. Office 365 will be a subscription service that combines online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. And Office 365 will allow users to get to their ...
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Scott Tilley: Cloud computing is an old idea that works
Florida Today
For example, Amazon offers 20GB of free storage through their Cloud Drive system, which lets you store music (and other documents) on Amazon's servers. Google offers Music Beta and Microsoft offers Windows Live SkyDrive. All of these are examples of ...
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