Monday, June 27, 2011

Microsoft Office in the Cloud

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Microsoft Challenges Itself in the Clouds
Wall Street Journal
By STEVEN D. JONES Microsoft Corp. will introduce a cloud version of its Office applications this week, a move that ramps up the software giant's competition not only with companies such as Google Inc. and VMware Inc. but with itself. ...
Apple iCloud vs. Google Music vs. Amazon Cloud
KPTV Portland
By Kelly Montgomery The last few months have seen the emergence of three different services from big players designed to give users cloud-based access to their personal music libraries. With smartphones, tablets or iPads, laptops, and home computers, ...
With Cloud Computing, Security Is More Important to Brands
In the era of cloud computing, any incident pertaining to privacy or security -- even a minor one -- is the fastest way to erode brand equity and consumer trust. Botching the communications around these events or, worse, not being proactive ahead of ...
Wyoming goes “Google”
Casper Journal
“This is cloud based computing and has many advantages. It provides an opportunity for employees to communicate with one another better; it provides an opportunity to share documents; it is going to save the state of Wyoming over $1 million dollars per ...
The Cloud That Ate Your Music
The Ledger
I'M ready for the cloud. Soon, I hope, it will be ready for me. Recent weeks have been filled with announcements about music taking residence in the cloud, the poetic name for online storage and software that promises to make lifetimes worth of songs ...
Comparing No-Edit Cloud Based Audio Recording Options ...
By Wesley Fryer
Cloud-based audio recording services like, and offer students and teachers the ability to quickly create AND share "no edit" audio recordings. These sites create unique "channels" of audio content which ...
Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Red Hat Wheels Out MRG 2.0 | Cloud Computing Journal
Maureen O'Gara the most read technology reporter for the past 20 years, is the Cloud Computing and Virtualization News Desk editor of SYS-CON Media. She is the publisher of famous "Billygrams" and the editor-in-chief of "Client/Server ...
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