Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On Cloud Nine

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Hardcore music lovers: isn't this cloud nine?
By solving these problems for hardcore listeners, the new generation of cloud-based music services from Amazon, Google and Apple are finally closing the loop of digital music by making music listening a ubiquitously enjoyable experience, for casual and...
HP wants to challenge Amazon for cloud developers
7, 2011, 3:50pm PT No Comments Systems giant HP today announced a slew of new enterprisecloud products and services, but it won't be until later this summer that we'll see just how big a role HP will play in the cloud computing space. ...
Riverbed Unveils SMB Cloud Storage Gateways
By Kevin Casey InformationWeek Riverbed has launched two new gateway devices intended to optimize cloud storage for small and midsize businesses managing large amounts of data. Uploading terabytes of data to public clouds--or, on the flip side, ...
On Cloud Nine: New York tech company Daylife launches cloud-based software ...
New York Daily News
BY David Holmes Cloud computing, or simply "the cloud," is a term used to describe data or software resources that can be accessed over the internet. On the heels of Apple's headline-grabbing iCloud announcement Monday, New York-based tech company ...
HP sets $2B in financing to speed cloud adoption
By Patrick Thibodeau Computerworld - LAS VEGAS -- On the big screen at its user conference here, Hewlett-Packard executives tried to make the practice of cloud computing "bursting" look as easy as drag and drop. But the users watching a demo of ...
US, Chinese, EU firms push cloud standards
By Patrick Thibodeau Computerworld - A group of US and overseas companies, including some major Chinese firms, are betting that they can encourage cloud providers to adopt common standards for managing security, operating routine processes and ...
Fujitsu's Windows Azure cloud debuts this August
By Timothy Prickett Morgan • Get more from this author Using a platform cloud is supposed to be easy, but apparently building the hardware and software infrastructure is not so trivial. After unexplained delays, Fujitsu and Microsoft are finally ...
Cloud Computing Is Big Business for Small Biz
The IT industry isn't seeing eye-to-eye on the cloud just yet, but you can't ignore the recent glut of information coming from all corners touting the benefits of cloudcomputing – particularly for smaller businesses. A recent study by AMI predicts ...
Eucalyptus Private Cloud Software Available on RightScale myCloud
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
RightScale will also offer the enterprise edition of Eucalyptus for organizations that require enterprise-grade private and hybrid cloud computing along with the automation of the RightScale CloudManagement Platform. "The new RightScale myCloud ...
The last things missing from Apple's perfect cloud storm
By Darrell Etherington Jun. 7, 2011, 3:03pm PT No Comments iOS 5 and Lion are both great updates that are sure to please consumers, especially because they make it even easier to use computers without thinking too much about what goes on behind the ...
Cloud Drive Comparison - ReadWriteCloud
By David Strom
With the news this week that Apple is entering the cloud storage arena, how does this offering stack up with what is available from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft? ...
iTunes (in the Cloud) 10.3 beta available for download, we go ...
By Thomas Ricker
If you live in the US or Canada then the iTunes 10.3 beta is ready to rumble on your PC or Mac. Automatic downloads and.
Gadgetbox - No iTunes in the Cloud for Verizon iPhone for now
By Rosa Golijan
There was plenty of excitement when iTunes 10.3 became available for download Monday — after all, it enables the iTunes in the Cloud feature — but there was also plenty of sadness in the form of fine print which will leave Verizon ...
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Check Out Intel's Dynamic Perimeter Cloud Security Products ...
By David Strom
Intel has a little-known series of cloud enhancement products as part of its Dynamic Perimeter collection here. The idea that you need better protection to bridge cloud and ...
A Marketer's Guide to the Cloud
By Karen Rubin
Yesterday afternoon Steve Jobs gave the keynote at Apple s World Wide Developers Conference Many cool and exciting new developments were announced.
HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing...
Apple - iCloud - All your music on all your devices.
If you want all the benefits of iTunes in the Cloud for music you haven't purchased from iTunes ...Library in the cloud, Scan and Match3 (minutes), Upload4 ...
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