Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Age of Cloud

While some may come close, they might find that a clause in their sales contract negates one of more of those attributes. So while the Age of Cloud may be a little further along than the Wild West settlement in Cloud County – it is up to us to identify ...

Failure Cascading Through the Cloud by Erica Naone
Two major outages illustrate how complicated it is to keep a cloud system up and running.
 Cloud outage: Amazon spells out compensation
 Amazon apologises and promises to learn from the EC2 disruption
 CIOs must prepare for cloud risks
 IT chiefs should be ready for unexpected costs...
Amazon Cloud Player Now Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
PCWorld (blog)
By Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld May 8, 2011 11:28 AM Amazon's Cloud Player music streaming service launched only with Android compatibility, but an update rolled out this weekend quietly introduced basic support for Apple's iOS. If you have an Amazon Cloud ...
How to make the most of cloud computing
National Business Review
Can you generate any competitive advantage from owning and running your own IT? Is there a better way? Cloud computing may help, but how should you start? The first stage is to better understand the nuances of the words “cloud computing”. ..

McAfee Helps Build Secure Bridge to the Cloud
EON: Enhanced Online News (press release)
Using the platform's built-in Application Programming Interface (API), McAfee aims to deploy additional security modules in the coming months to provide even greater and deeper cloudprotection. This may include a variety of solutions, such as tools ...
The next Microsoft in the cloud computing era is ...
The reality is, however, that Microsoft may have one of the most viable long-term cloud strategies on offer. Key to this strategy is Azure, its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. Microsoft provides a set of tools upon which developers can create ...
Cloud computing is 'picking up steam'
Essentially, this is an example that illustrates something we preach all the time - data centre utilisation rates are the key to cloud computing economics. Unless one can guarantee that a clouddata centre will operate - on a sustained basis - at 70 ...
Sky-high valuations raise fears of storm clouds in sector
Firms that were previously happy to invest in new technologies may be less bullish if sentiment dips, although they could equally see that as an opportunity to buy at low prices. Clients may see cloud computing as a way of cutting costs in a downturn, ...

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