Monday, May 23, 2011

How students learn using the cloud

How students learn in the cloud
Charlotte Observer
Robert Willett - "Cloud computing" lets computer users access resources such as document storage, software programs and sophisticated computing services over the Internet. Shifting to cloud computing would allow: Small retail ...
Facebook Bing Alliance, TechEd, Cloud Contracts Marked Microsoft Week
Microsoft's week involved a high-profile cloud contract with San Francisco, a deeper Facebook partnership on Bing, and new cloud and Windows Phone news. Days after a hiccup in its cloud-based BPOS service cut business clients off from email, ...
Why Apple Might Be Your Best Bet for This 'Cloud Music' Thing
Wired News (blog)
By Eliot Van Buskirk For over a decade now, you've been able to store your music on a server in thecloud and stream it to yourself on computers and even mobile devices – but until now, that was mostly the domain of geeks and folks like me whose job it ...
R&D central to TechnologyOne's Cloud transition
CIO Magazine
That team is also planned to play a central role in the development of the company's Cloudcomputing suite, C2. “I am confident our next generation enterprise suite, TechnologyOne C2, will provide us with significant technological and competitive ...
Apple Can Blunt Google Android with Cloud iOS, Sprint Deal, iPhone 5
Apple can possibly blunt Google Android's momentum with a few strategies, including cheaper iPhones, cloud services for iOS, IP lawsuits and signing Sprint. Google Android seized some 36 percent of the worldwide smartphone market in the first quarter, ...
Cloud Music Streaming: Pros and Cons
By Tony Bradley, PCWorld May 22, 2011 6:41 AM There is rampant speculation that Apple will soon join Amazon and Google to offer a service to store your music in the cloud and stream it to your devices. There are certainly some benefits to cloud music ...
A VC: The Cloud
By Fred
I wrote a blog post yesterday about my move to the cloud. It has gotten 234 comments so far and another 49 on Hacker News. That's a lot of discussion about something that is fairly commonplace these days. It's pretty...
A VC -, Hackathon Runner-Up, Tames The Cloud
By John Biggs
Three friends, including a 17-year-old high schooler, who met at New Work City, a co-working space, built to solve the problem of disperse information. The product, as it exists currently, is a Chrome extension that allows ...
TechCrunch -
Why The Cloud Is As Secure As Your PC | - Cloud ...
By kiril
Why the Cloud Is As Secure Recently, a great portion of hype in the technology sector is related tocloud computing security and reliability. Recent service. - Cloud Computing... -
Pages App Going to the Cloud for True Cross Platform Compatibility?
By Paul Horowitz
Having the ability to create a document within Mac OS X or iOS and then sending it to a cloud word processor where the formatting would present exactly as intended on another platform would be extremely useful. ...
OS X Daily -
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