Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dell's Cloud Focus

Dell Reports Strong First Quarter as it Increases Enterprise, Cloud Focus
Dell had a strong first quarter, thanks to enterprise sales and it announced plans to invest $1 billion in cloud systems. Tablets, however, hurt its consumer PC sales. The business customers of number-two PC maker Dell helped the company to finish its ...
VMware Debuts Sign-on Service for Cloud Applications
By Joab Jackson, IDG News In the hopes of simplifying cloud operations for organizations, VMware has launched a federated sign-on service for cloud applications. The service can extend internal user directories to cloud services without disclosing user ...
Bill Would Require Warrants For Govt to Access Your Email, Cloud Services
PC Magazine
Patrick Leahy on Tuesday unveiled an overhaul to a 25-year-old digital privacy law that would require the government to obtain warrants before accesssing email and other cloud-based data. The update to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), ...
One size fits none: How to secure cloud computing in the enterprise
Far-sighted organizations are using cloud computing to propel innovation, get an edge over competitors and improve productivity. You can't afford to let security worries scare you away. Commentary - Cloud computing is the next phase in delivery of ...
Travelocity Critical System Runs on Windows Azure Cloud
Forbes (blog)
Taking into account the high level of interest in private and public cloud computing this year, the conference includes extensive information on how attendees can begin to take advantage of thecloud, partners supporting it, and customers who are ...
Chrome OS is only a failure to people living in the past
In the second of two posts about Google's cloud-connected operating system and Chromebook, Joe Wilcox argues that PC defenders are an unimaginative lot living in the past. He refutes Larry Seltzer's morning commentary: "I'll take Windows and a good ...
DARPA Seeks More Resilient Cloud Infrastructure
The defense research agency is developing cloud-based networks that can remain operational even under cyber attack. By Elizabeth Montalbano InformationWeek The research arm of the Department of Defense (DOD) is seeking to develop cloud-computing-based ...

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