Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogger back on the Cloud

Personal Lessons Learned from The Blogger Outage
Java World
I've been blogging via Blogger since late 2007. Although this lock-out from Blogger for nearly a full day was frustrating, it reminded me of how well Blogger typically runs. I had become accustomed to few, very short outages before this and really took ...
Downtime for Blogger, Microsoft and Twitter
Data Center Knowledge
Tuesday's outage left customers unable to retrieve mail for 9 hours, while a subsequent problem Thursday led to more than three of hours of downtime. See GeekWire for more. Blogger was offline for more than 20 hours Thursday and Friday....
Google's Blogger limps back into action after over 20 hours of downtime
More evidence against storing everything in the cloud emerged this week, as Google'sBlogger service experienced an outage that took about 20.5 hours (by Google's measurements) to fix. In reality, it's still not fixed, as Google had to delete a number ...
Blogger is back, but posts are still missing
After a Blogger outage that left users unable to post, the blogging service is now back up. Blogger Tech Lead Eddie Kessler said users lost the ability to post for 20.5 hours, but the problem actually started at 10 pm PST on Wednesday, May 11, ...
Microsoft BPOS cloud outage burns Exchange converts
Microsoft's only consolation is that it is not the only online service provider who's getting tripped up by the basics of managing lots of those overworked computers known as servers – Google's Blogger and Amazon's AWS have had their own problems ...

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