Friday, May 27, 2011

Cloud Maturity

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Fujitsu and Citrix make it a good week for cloud maturity
ZDNet (blog)
By Dana Gardner | May 26, 2011, 12:46pm PDT Why did Citrix at its Citrix Synergy event move the needle forward on cloud maturity? They showed how an end-to-end, hybrid cloud model can readily work, one that addresses the network, user, enterprise, ...
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Apple's Deals May Transform Digital Music
E-books zip directly to reading devices like the Kindle and Nook and are backed up "in the cloud"—on the servers of (AMZN) and Barnes & Noble (BKS). A digital song, on the other hand, is typically downloaded to a PC and must then be ...
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The Good News About Cloud Architecture: Everything Fails
Forbes (blog)
Two recent events reminded us this spring that cloud computing infrastructures are vulnerable to the same genetic IT flaw that plagues traditional data center operations: everything fails, sooner or later. The failure modes of cloud vs. traditional ...
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Jet! Paul McCartney archive uploaded to cloud
by Tim Hornyak While some brick-and-mortar libraries are converting to robot-style storage systems, Hewlett-Packard has put Paul McCartney's archive of music, video clips, and photos into a digital cloud library. HP launched the private collection with ...
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Government CIOs Doubt Cloud Savings
More than 45% of US government IT officials don't think cloud computing will save their agencies enough money to make it worthwhile, an Ovum report finds. By Elizabeth Montalbano InformationWeek Despite insistence from US CIO Vivek Kundra that the ...
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Getting a college degree... from the cloud?
Northwest Cable News
by OWEN LEI / KING 5 News SEATTLE -- It's higher education with no walls, no lecture halls, and professors you may never actually meet. But some students will tell you the online-only Western Governors University is every bit as challenging as your ...
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AT&T's $1 Billion Cloud Bet Shows Carriers Clamoring For Cloud
By Andrew R Hickey, CRN AT&T recently said it is focusing its plans to deploy global network-basedcloud, mobility and networking sourcing solutions to companies of various sizes across multiple industries. The Dallas-based mega-carrier said the nearly ...
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SMBs Aren't Sold On Cloud Storage
By Kevin Casey InformationWeek You might logically think the disturbances in the cloud of late would shake confidence in online storage. But small and midsize businesses were already anxious, according to two new surveys that show a heavy reluctance ...
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MSpot Hopes to Thwart Cloud Music Titans with Unique Radio/Locker Service
The Business Insider
As some of the biggest tech companies in the world, Amazon, Apple and Google, attempt to solve the cloud music riddle, mSpot -- which has offered a cloud music locker since last year -- has a new answer. On Thursday, the company unveiled a ...
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K-12 Budgets Begin Shift Toward Cloud
T.H.E. Journal
By David Nagel K-12 schools in the United States are beginning to shift their IT budgets towardcloud technologies. According to new research released today, institutions will spend more than a quarter of their IT resources on the cloud within five ...
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mSpot becomes first cloud music service with streaming radio - TNW ...
By Matthew Panzarino
Radio Spotter is a streaming radio service that uses your mSpot music collection to generate radio station recommendations for you automatically.
The Next Web -
mSpot Finds its Cloud Music Niche: Locker & Radio in One
By Sarah Perez
In the battle of cloud music services, you have a variety of options including radio service like Pandora and, online lockers like Google Music and Amazon Cloud Drive, Internet radio stations and premium, "program-your-own" ...
ReadWriteWeb -
Updated mSpot Combines Cloud and Storage Locker with Radio Spotter ...
By Scott Webster
An updated version of mSpot has arrived in the Android Market today which blends storage locker services, radio, and cloud music. More specifically, mSpot.
AndroidGuys -
Poll: Is cloud computing or mobile having a bigger impact in 2011 ...
By Jason Hiner
The two hottest topics in technology in 2011 are mobile and the cloud. We'd like to get a real world perspective on which one is the bigger inno.
on TechRepublic -
mSpot Launches Combined Cloud Music Locker, Streaming Radio - hypebot
By Bruce Houghton
With Google, Amazon and likely Apple getting into the cloud music business, mobile music provider mSpot might have a hard time competing. So today the upstart launched Radio Spotter Beta – the first service to combine a cloud music and.
hypebot -

Google, Microsoft do battle in, for the cloud -
Google has locked horns with Microsoft in a high-stakes showdown to dominate cloud computing.
Citrix Systems » Citrix Cloud Bridge
Today at Citrix Synergy™, where virtual computing takes center stage, Citrix announced NetScaler®Cloud Bridge, a solution that transparently connects ...

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