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Cloud Secrets

Three Dirty Little Cloud Secrets
Cloud computing is no exception. 1. Some public cloud computing providers are falling and will fail. 2. Public clouds don't always save you money. Dirty cloud secret 1: Some public cloud computing providers are falling and will fail. ...
AMAZON: Here's Why Our Cloud Crashed
The Business Insider
Now that we have fully restored functionality to all affected services, we would like to share more details with our customers about the events that occurred with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (“EC2”) last week, our efforts to restore the services, ...
ScaleMatrix reflects on the recent Amazon outage
7thSpace Interactive (press release)
What does a service outage cost you (Cloud or otherwise)? And how can you mitigate the risks of an outage? The recent outage of a well-known Public Cloud provider highlighted, once again, the potential risks of moving your business operations to the ...
PS3 PSN Trophies, PS+ cloud, Downloads intact post outage
Punch Jump (blog)
User game information, including Trophies, Download History, Friends List, Settings, PS+ cloud are said to be intact when the service is restored. Additionally, the company said it is evaluating ways to compensate PSN users for their patience during ...
Over 2000 attendees registered for the 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum
Online PR News (press release)
Over 2000 senior level IT decision makers have already registered to attend the 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum taking place on the 21st and 22nd of June at Olympia, London. Online PR News – 30-April-2011 –Over 2000 senior level IT decision makers have ...
Microsoft sending Office to the Cloud powered by KVII
by Lucas Jefferson Cloud computing is basically using programs and storing on the web instead of locally on your own computer. Microsoft just opened up beta testing for it's newest cloud based solution, Office 365. Essentially, this service will let ...
Wuala takes Android safely to the cloud
Android Community
Android users looking for a safe and secure cloud storage option may want to check out Wuala. This online storage service uses an encryption method where the files on your Android handset are encrypted. Then when users upload them to the cloud...
Top 5 Data Center Stories: Week of April 30th
Data Center Knowledge
CenturyLink to Acquire Savvis for $2.5 Billion – CenturyLink, Inc. has agreed to acquire Savvis, Inc. for $2.5 billion in cash and stock in a deal that will boost the telco's capabilities in managed hosting and cloud computing. ...
The future of cloud computing
Smart Business Network
Last month, at one of the Information Technology trade shows, one of the industry's pundits made a startling prediction — that the shift to the cloud computing platform will be bigger than the shift to the Internet or the shift from the mainframe to ...
Cloud computing and SaaS are transforming business
Smart Business Network
A lot of companies are listening, and those same businesses are trying something new — cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) — and reaping the many benefits, which start with the aforementioned cost savings. “From a cost perspective, ...
Human Error Triggered Amazon Cloud Outage
Top Tech Reviews
According to Amazon, the hours-long outage of its cloud service was caused by a human error. This could turn potential clients off from the service because of this incident. The cloud should be 100 percent reliable and the processes should be free of ...
The Cloud Has Us All In A Fog
The unexpected results of connecting client devices to the cloud. (Yeah, I don't really like the term either, but it's better than the alternatives.) People talk about “moving to the cloud,” as if we haven't already. The heavy lifting may happen on the ...
VMware vSphere 5 to add cloud virtualization support for Mac OS X Server
Apple Insider
The vSphere product allows companies to build a private of public cloud of pooled infrastructure, offering enterprise planners more flexible capacity management than if they were required to allocate dedicated hardware to every server instance. ...
Increasing number of regional enterprises realise value delivered by cloud ...
AME Info
Enterprises in the region have realised the value of cloud computing technologies in the data centre as a result of their increased focus on business productivity, cost cutting and driving efficiencies with their existing infrastructure, according to ...
Recent Report Shows New Aspects of RFI in Cloud/SaaS/Online ...
The Open Press (press release)
Business applications delivered under the Cloud/SaaS/Online model are changing relationships between their providers and business customers. Customers can acquire them faster, easier, with lower risks, and with clearly defined business objectives. ...
Where Is the Public Cloud 2.0? : Cloud Computing News «
By Allan Leinwand
The current public cloud computing providers have done an excellent job in bringing innovation andcloud computing technology to the masses. Cloud computing, however, is not yet a fully evolved technology and may take another decade to ...
GigaOMCloud -
The Cloud and the Cost Impacts of its Massive Data Centers ...
By Alex Williams
The new data centers are far larger and more efficient than what is offered by enterprise hosting operations. That's something we hear a lot more about. It ...
ReadWriteWeb -
Is Cloud the Right Solution to Host PHP Sites? - Lately in PHP ...
Given the latest problems that occurred in sites that are based on cloud hosting services, Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert discuss if the current breed of cloud services are the right solution to host PHP sites...
Latest PHP Classes blog posts -
Microsoft sending Office to the Cloud : News :
By Lucas Jefferson
These days it seems like more and more computing is heading to the cloud.
Connect Amarillo - News from KVII -
Amazon Apologises for Cloud Computing Fault
By Indus
Amazon's EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud offers processing power and storage to companies who lack their own data centers. The apology came after a week's silence on this issue. In order to help their clients compensate Amazon is giving ... - Technology News and Articles -
Animated Tag Cloud Plugin like WordPress
By Delf
This plugin display flash-based tag cloud like wp-cumulus for WordPress This my first plugin for Clipbucket. It based on ClipBucket-v2-Tag-Cloud-Plugin and swf from wp-cumulus Installation Download plugin Unzip archive.
ClipBucket Discussion Forums -
How Early is the Cloud Storage Market?
By Jerry Huang
However, if plot the “cloud storage” and “FTP” together on the same graph, you can see the search volume of “FTP” is declining but is still much greater than that of “cloud storage”. This makes sense, everyone knows FTP and it is widely ...
Gladinet Cloud Storage Blog -
Is Internet Cloud & Big Data Killing Stock Exchanges? The New ...
By Andy Kessler
Trades take place on servers in the great data cloud in the sky. A third of trading even takes place in so-called Dark Pools, privately owned servers that match institutional orders without ever revealing the size or price of the order . ...
SiliconANGLE -
3quarksdaily: The Cloud Messenger by Aamer Hussein
By Azra Raza
The title of this taut new novel from Aamer Hussein comes from a legend, in which clouds carry messages of love from separated lovers across the world. Relationships, and their varying levels of permanence, are thus the main theme, ...
3quarksdaily -
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Brings You the Cloud for Less - CRM ...
By CRM SoftwareBlog
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners and Experts provide advice, costs, comparisons, and and the latest information on CRM sofware.
CRM Software Blog -
Cloud Computing – Growing Scope for Public Sector | Teletimes ...
By admin
Cloud computing is a recent revolution in the world of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that enables a convenient way to share resources. It is model providing on-demand network access to configurable IT devices and ...
Teletimes International -
Cloud Feed » Blog Archive » Daily Cloud Feed - Apr 30, 2011
By daily
EContent (press release)Cloud Files is built on OpenStack's Object Storage technology and servescontent through its Akamai-based Content Delivery Network ( CDN) offering.In addition to CNAMES, Rackspace Cloud Files now includes features ...
Cloud Feed -
ISP Data Caps & the Shift to Cloud Apps
By Jarel Remick
As a lover of web apps, I frequently rave about the advances they're making and the benefits they offer over other forms of applications. I constantly look for.
Web.AppStorm -
Amazon Cloud Outage was Triggered by Configuration Error | Cool ...
By KenWeiLL
Amazon has released a detailed postmortem and mea culpa about the partial outage of its cloudservices platform last week and identified the culprit: A.
Cool Computer Tricks -
Amazon apologizes for Cloud outage | TopNews New Zealand
By Sumit Yayavar
Amazon apologizes for Cloud outage Online retailer Amazon. com has apologized for the Cloudoutage that hit a slew of its websites from April 21 through Sunday. The glitch, which was caused by a configuration error made during a network ...
TopNews New Zealand -

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