Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why the Department of Defense wants the Cloud

Why DoD Wants Cloud Computing
Forbes (blog)
By KEVIN L. JACKSON (@GOVCLOUD) Over the past couple of weeks, I have been engaged in a series of discussions that have really highlighted to me the critical issue around why our defense and intelligence agencies are moving so quickly to adoptcloud ...

Amazon's EC2 Cloud Service Fueled PlayStation Network Attack
PC Magazine
The online retail giant didn't bring down the PlayStation Network per se, but an undisclosed source speaking to Bloomberg News has indicated that hackers used Amazon's cloud services to fuel the break-in. According to the source, the hackers posed as a ...
NetSuite panel discussion: Customer interaction on cloud issues
ZDNet (blog)
Although nominally about the future of cloud computing, the session mostly consisted of questions from the audience. Such discussions are particularly interesting because they provide insight into the issues that cloud customers find compelling. ...
What it Takes to Power the Cloud [Infographic]
By Alex Williams / May 14, 2011 6:00 PM / 0 Comments This post is part of our ReadWriteCloud channel, which is dedicated to covering virtualization and cloud computing. The channel is sponsored by Intel and VMware. Read the white paper about how Intel ...
Lessons From FarmVille: How Zynga Uses The Cloud
Zynga's hybrid cloud strategy helps it cope with the risk of unpredictable demand for new online games. By Charles Babcock InformationWeek On November of last year, CityVille made its debut. It was the latest social networking game from Zynga, ...
Microsoft Cloud Problems Impact Mail
Techie Insider
Microsoft has put a lot of effort behind building out their Cloud services for use with their products over the past year with successes. But this last week did not help their cause with mail problems impacting the Exchange services that so many ...

Popular Dropbox Dealing with Security and Privacy Issues
Gotta Be Mobile
Privacy issues relating to your data stored in the cloud are going to always be with us as long as we have data stored in the cloud. But then again, privacy issues when everyone had their data stored on local hard drives and networks were and are still ...

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