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Amazon Unlikely To Spin Off AWS Cloud Unit

Amazon Unlikely To Spin Off AWS Cloud Unit
AWS, on the other hand, is a new kind of wholesaler, distributing compute cycles from cloud data centers at rock bottom prices and generating a more modest estimated $2.1 billion in sales. So will these two dissimilar businesses remain under the same ...

How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Cloud Computing
We all know the conventional wisdom about cloud computing: it's cheap, fast and easy. But is it really that much cheaper? Or is it simply optics that make it appear cheaper? Optics can absolutely change your perception of the cost of something. Just ...

SkyDrive Delivers Solid Cloud Storage Integration With Office 2013
REVIEW: Microsoft SkyDrive delivers reliable cloud data file storage closely integrated with Office 2013, despite some puzzling bugs that Microsoft should patch promptly. I recently started using Microsoft's new Office 2013 along with its SkyDrive ...


Cloud Computing's ROI Increasingly Elusive, Survey Finds
Chris points out that cloud has immense potential for organizations, but efforts to deliver cloud-based solutions need to be “supported by proper instrumentation of the financial parameters of cloud services, so that the architecture, development and ...


Inside Brad Garlinghouse's Re-Imagination of Cloud-Storage Service YouSendIt
Wall Street Journal (blog)
“It's not going to have box, or cloud, or drive, or sync or share,” Garlinghouse said in an interview. “And the logo won't be blue, gray and white.” YouSendIt is a rather formidable operation. It generated between $55 million and $60 million in revenue ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

LogMeIn uncloaks cloud storage bypass
By now you know the prosumer cloud storage schtick: an agent on your device monitors a designated folder and copies everything in it to the cloud, from where any other device running the service's agent and logged in with the same account sucks down ...

Parallels: SME Cloud Services Market to Reach $95 Billion by 2015
CloudTimes (blog)
parallels logo 300x119 Parallels: SME Cloud Services Market to Reach $95 Billion by 2015 More and more small and medium-sized enterprises adopt cloud technologies at different levels. SMEs are an important part of the cloud market and are at the heart ...

Idaho Now Circumspect On Whether Cloud Computing Is Taxable
CloudTweaks News
Larsen also attempted a definition of cloud computing in the light of contemporary asset-and-software analogies, by saying that the industry is nothing but companies allocating capacities, and rental space over the web, as well as, outsourcing, showing ...

Cloud computing chance and challenge for big firms: expert
Shanghai Daily (subscription)
Speaking at the two-day Middle East CIO summit organized by global information technology (IT) research firm IDC, Sabbagh said Zamil Industrial Investment, as one of the largest Saudi industry conglomerates, started to implement cloud computing three ...

6 Revealing Cloud Storage Statistics
Six Key Indicators For Cloud Storage drew from a study of 100 executives that was conducted by Avere Systems and Gatepoint Research.

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