Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cloud-Based Recovery In Business-Continuity Plans

The New Normal for Disaster Recovery: Incorporating Cloud-Based Recovery Into Business-Continuity Plans - The Data Center Journal: " . . . The good news is a new and robust disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) or cloud DR model has now emerged that promises to deliver enterprise-class continuity, cost efficiency and flexibility. Now considered by many observers to be one of the hottest new areas for the enterprise cloud, DRaaS has captured the interest of many organizations. An Emerging Solution: Cloud-Based Continuity In talking about the DRaaS model, a distinction first needs to be drawn between this model and backup-as-a-service. Backup-as-a-service is an attractive concept for protecting against data loss and corruption and for meeting various compliance requirements. Backup-as-a-service does not, however, deal directly with disaster recovery (DR) requirements. DR deals with the question of how do you recover your application processing if your production data center is unavailable. Backup-as-a-service with server provisioning at the time of disaster could result in weeks of outage if server replacement is unplanned, or in outages of a day or more if standby servers in a secondary location are available. . . . "

Review: Livin' in the cloud with Google's new Chromebook Pixel • The Register: "At this kind of money, Google is going directly at Intel-flogged Ultrabooks and Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro and Air – and they might just succeed in prying away some users of those laptops. After a week of lugging the Pixel around, using it for day-to-day work and trying it out in a variety of locales, we prefer its hardware to an idealized Ultrabook, the MacBook Pro, and in some ways the Air, in terms of design, build-quality, and specifications."

IBM to make its cloud services and software open sourced-based
This move will ensure that innovation in cloud computing is not hampered by locking businesses into proprietary islands of insecure and difficult-to-manage offerings. Without industry-wide open standards for cloud computing, businesses will not be able ...

Appcore Raises $6M Series B To Expand Cloud Computing Infrastructure ...
Today Appcore, a company that offers complete cloud computing infrastructure (read: hardware and software) to clients including mobile network providers, data centers, and enterprises, has announced a $6 million Series B round today. The company, which ...


Telecommuting and cloud computing: For innovators only
InfoWorld (blog)
However, what is relevant about this issue is the use of cloud computing by a remote workforce. What are those ... Of course, some companies push back on public cloud computing with the normal excuses, including security, privacy, ownership, and so on.

Evernote Cloud Storage Service Warns Users of Password Breach
Cloud service companies, which collect information on a massive number of users, have become targets for hackers and cyber-criminals. In June 2012, business networking service LinkedIn acknowledged that the hashed, but not salted, passwords for nearly ...


The Real Market Size of Public Cloud Services
Taking the hype out of the equation, this number seems too big to represent an emerging segment like Cloud Computing that is barely hitting its mainstream stride.... Like a former president's infamous answer, it depends on how you define “Cloud Services”.


Cloud computing as a strategy for NZ business
National Business Review
Yet, cloud computing as a business strategy has the potential to be a game changer. Businesses, politicians and policy makers have to understand that cloud computing represents table stakes for international competitiveness today, a necessity rather ...

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