Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Public cloud services to total $131B by 2017

Gartner: Public cloud services to total $131B by 2017
Although forecast growth is generally high across all regions, the adoption of cloud services varies significantly by country. Providers should not assume that a generic strategy applied to specific countries or regions of the world will produce the ...

Where The Highest Paying Cloud Computing Jobs Are
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (31%), Information Technologies (30%) and Manufacturing (12%) lead the top ten industries hiring cloud computingprofessionals in positions paying $100K or more. Wanted Analytics uses the NAICS taxonomy ...


Cloud-Computing Tools For Doctors And Physicians
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Today we will focus more on small medical services providers and on how they can use cloud computing technologies. Here are the cloud-based solutions most used by doctors and physicians:Cloud storage. Information storage is of major importance for ...

Google App Engine Developers Get Help From Ferris
Cloud Sherpas, a company that helps businesses implement cloud computing services, released Thursday an open source Python framework to simplify custom app development on Google App Engine. Recently named Google Apps implementation partner ...

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I have talked about security in cloud computing many times before, explaining why it is just as safe as conventional networking security, even citing its benefits over the conventional. However, there are many who still find cloud computing security ...

Schools, governments charge into the cloud -- why not businesses?
According to a study recently released by CDW Government, a provider of government technology products and services, 40 percent of K-12 schools are turning to cloud computing for storage. However, the cloud is finding other applications at schools ...

9 top threats to cloud computing security
Print| . 9 top threats to cloud computing security. Cloud computing has grabbed the spotlight at this year's RSA Conference 2013 in San Francisco, with vendors aplenty hawking products and services that equip IT with controls to bring order to cloud chaos.

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