Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Google improves support for cloud services

In Battle With Amazon, Google Hardens Its Cloud Services
As part of its ongoing effort to compete with Amazon in the cloud computing game, Google has beefed up the technical support options for businesses who use its sweeping collections of cloud services. The Google Cloud Platform now includes online ...

PS4's cloud services are "aspirational", could miss launch
Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Jack Tretton has warned gamers not to expect all of the features outlined in Sony's PS4 press to be available at launch. That includes things such as streaming games, sharing gameplay video or ...


Google adds fee-based support services for cloud platform customers
Google has launched fee-based support services for customers of its cloud platform and infrastructure products, like App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and Big Query. Google, often criticized over the years for having weak technical support ...

1TB cloud-storage, a killer screen: What Google's Chromebook Pixel offers
Google has launched its own Chromebook Pixel which is priced at a steep price of $1299 for the Wi-fi only version, while the Wi-Fi plus cellular version is priced at $1499. The device is currently only available in the US and UK via Google's Play Store ...

VCE adds two new converged infrastructure models, SAP certification
Calling it the biggest news since its creation, VCE today added two low-end models to its line of Vblock pre-configured, cloud-computing systems. VCE also announced it is teaming with SAP AG to add the SAP HANA database to its Vblock system. Models ...

5 Misconceptions Your Parents Make About Cloud Computing
CloudTweaks News
Sure the joke, “Al Gore invented the internet,” is a little old but your parents had seven years to work on this environmental Cloud twist to the joke to shock it back to life. Now our parents will confuse their joke with reality and we have to hear ...

Accenture Moving NSF Accounting To Cloud Computing; Ed Meehan Comments
Accenture Federal Services has won a five-year, $24.4 million contract to transition the U.S. National Science Foundation's financial accounting system to a cloud computing environment. The company plans to host the agency's 25-year old system in a ...

VMware Partner Exchange: 10 Cloud Services Providers to Watch
Talkin' Cloud
But cloud services providers (CSPs) will also push into the spotlight. Indeed, VMware's service provider licensing model has caught on with a range of companies that have public and private clouds. In fact, there are more than 8,500 vCloud Services...

Talkin' Cloud

Lujiazui to host cloud computing event
China Daily
Cloud Connect, a globally influential event in the cloud computing industry, will make its debut at Shanghai's International Convention Center from September 15 to 17. The rapid development of cloud computing will have a big impact on China's IT ...

HP News - HP Enables Partners to Accelerate Cloud Services Delivery
LAS VEGAS — HP today announced two new HP Cloud Builder programs that enable partners to leverage HP Cloud Services, the company's public cloud, ...

When iCloud isn't enough: balancing other cloud storage options
Rene Ritchie's excellent article on iCloud and Dropbox has forced me to examine how I use iCloud and other cloud storage. When iCloud launched in 2011, I had hopes it would be a single-source solution, but over the years it's become apparent to me that...


Why Akamai is a smart play in cloud computing
MSN Money
Forrester estimates that the cloud-computing market will grow from $41 billion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020. Cisco Systems (CSCO) estimates that two-thirds of total data center traffic will becloud traffic by 2016. IDC projects that application ...

CloudTweaks News
The European Union has resuscitated the more than a decade-old contention about data independence after giving an exposé of the US Patriot Act of 2001, which bequeaths the Federal administration, on the other side of the Atlantic, the power to seize ...

The fog of law and cloud computing
The Age
Data sovereignty concerns should not stop Australian businesses considering cloud services, say legal experts. Photo: Orlando Chiodo. Data sovereignty and privacy concerns resulting from the ... The reach of the US Patriot Act – which essentially ...

The Age

Unplugged: Got cloud?
SAN FRANCISCO — Cloud computing is exploding and growing faster than a swirling funnel crossing the Oklahoma plains. The next generation of computing lowers information technology costs while increasing corporate profits at the same time. And what's ...

Cloud Pro
Cloud services provider Our Holdings has caused uproar among programmers for trying to trademark the word 'python'. The company, which offers both Infrastructure-as-a-Service and cloud backup, uses the trading name 'python' for its products and owns ...

Cloud computing – The future for all?
This is Total Essex
Cloud computing is an IT solution that offers all of these. Operating within the cloud offers companies the opportunity to move away from physical servers and hardware to virtual ones, benefit from a solution that is scalable and command lower overheads.

This is Total Essex

10 Pioneers Of Cloud Computing
The interesting part of cloud computing is that it's just a decade old, but the growth rate simply has been astonishing when compared to slow nurturers like personal computing and client-server technology. And then there are these pioneers. These guys...


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