Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Google says Welcome to the Cloud

Google says ‘Welcome to Cloud City’ | Successful Workplace: "The Chromebook Pixel represents a step towards a completely cloud-based future, so much so that I’m willing to bet that in the next 5 years it will usher in Cloud Cities; towns and communities where the entire population have fully embraced an always on, mobile and cloud based infrastructure. . . . But other consumer companies are moving this way too. Sony recently announced its strategy for streaming and online gaming services with its PS4: the acquisition of GaiKai was a major play in this direction (although whether they pull it off is another matter). Apple has been tinkering with its little “hobby”, the AppleTV, and for a while now, Netflix and Spotify dominate streaming media. Microsoft today updated its Office 365 Pro packages and Amazon has integrated Cloud Player into Ford SYNC’s Applink platform. Physical media is dying, even flash storage will become a museum piece in 5 years once cloud infrastructure and networking become robust, fast and reliable.Light and lean technologies and operating systems are becoming defacto standards and with them come ever increasing pushes towards the cloud. And we all know that when a consumer trend becomes mainstream the enterprise will surely follow. For larger organizations, the 5 year prediction will come and go without incident. I’m still working with companies stuck with Windows NT for example but for SMEs willing to embrace cloud it’ll be a reality. Google knows what it’s doing. Five years from now, whole cities will be entirely cloud based. . . ."

Six Facts That Surprised Me About Cloud Computing
CloudTweaks News
When I started reading this article on the cloud, I was surprised to learn it has a longer name than just the cloud. This took me off guard because with the popularity and global use of the cloud computing you would think some annoying know it all ...

The rise of the cloud services market
The public cloud services market is forecast to grow 18.5% in 2013 to total $131 billion worldwide, with cloud advertising accounting for the lions share, according to tech research and advisory firm Gartner. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS ...


The 10 Best Countries for Cloud Computing
should: explicitly prohibit restrictions on the provision of cross-border data services; prohibit requiring the use of local computing infrastructure, such as servers, as a condition for providing, or investing in the provision of, cloud services in ...

BRICs still lag in annual cloud computing scorecard
Yahoo! News (blog)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Brazil, Russia, India and China still lag far behind developed countries in policies considered critical for the future of cloud computing, but each made some progress over the past year, a U.S. industry group said on Thursday.

Yahoo! News (blog)

Cloud storage: Price wars ahead?
As we shift from a fat-client PC-centric computing world to one that's increasingly based on cloud services and storage, I see free and low-cost cloud storage options becoming a more important sales point. It's not just storage for individual users ...


Verizon Terremark CTO Speaks On Cloud Computing Disruption
Cloud computing and mobile are two technology trends that are transforming how businesses operate and how consumers live. The first generation of cloud computingfocused on cost optimization. Lopez Research believes the second wave of cloud ...


Cloud services to become default choice for Whitehall from this year
The policy is designed to help UK government hit its target of having half of all new IT spending on public cloud services by 2015. By replacing bespoke IT systems with off-the-shelf cloud services, the government estimates it could more than halve the ...

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