Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Google Set to Overtake Amazon and Microsoft in Cloud Computing Services

In Cloud Services it's a 3-way race, and Amazon is playing a role like Apple in smartphones. Google is set to gain on Amazon fast, leaving Microsoft in third position--

Google Takes on Amazon and Microsoft for Cloud Computing Services - NYTimes.com: " . . . Microsoft started Azure to try to hold on to corporate customers that Amazon wants to pry away, and has struggled for years to adapt its business from selling individual software packages to renting software over the cloud. Google’s cloud offerings originally tied to other Google services. But to reach a broader market, Google has followed Amazon’s lead by offering a cloud platform that works with a much broader range of services, Mr. Staten said. Google has the weakest corporate ties. It sells businesses cloud-based word processing, storage, and spreadsheet tools, but its operation is still much smaller than Microsoft’s. It introduced the Google App Engine, for building and hosting Web and mobile apps on Google’s cloud, in 2004. The company says that 250,000 developers use it to run 1 million apps that generate up to 7.5 billion page hits a day. In June, Google announced Compute Engine, for large-scale computing and data center access, at its annual conference for software developers, in the hope that developers and eventually big companies would use it. But nearly a year later, it is still in a test phase and not open to the public. People who have used Google’s cloud business say it is inexpensive and capable, but lacks some features of A.W.S. Google has said its cloud services will cost about 50 percent less than competing products. . . . "

Sweet Spot for Public Cloud Services: Very Small Companies
AWS appears to have a high-volume business based on relatively small transactions. Cloudyn's data shows that 59% of AWS customers spend less than $50,000 annually for the cloud services. About a third spend less than $10,000 a year for cloud services.

China's cloud deployment dampened by nascent enterprise demand
Chinese authorities are encouraging the building of cloud computing infrastructure in their jurisdictions. However, cloud services in China face the challenge of low demand from enterprises who are reluctant to fully adopt public cloud due to security ...

Netflix Cloud Prize offers over $100000 in rewards to cloud computing gurus HD
Netflix has a vested interest in fostering cloud computing -- after all, that's increasingly the company's core business. Accordingly, it's not going to just sit around and wait for a breakthrough. The subscription service is kicking off its Netflix ...

Jolidrive Combines All Your Cloud Services into One
Cloud services are everywhere, and you probably have at least a few accounts all over the web. Jolidrive takes all those services and rolls them into one, simple interface. Perhaps you have files in Dropbox, but prefer Google Drive for documents. Maybe ...

HP launches cloud computing platform in Brazil
Telecompaper (subscription)
HP has launched its cloud computing platform in Brazil. Called Enterprise Cloud Services - Virtual Private Cloud (ECS/VPC), the new platform has been tested since early 2013 and now enters commercial operation with the proposal to deliver a ...

Netflix challenges developers to improve cloud computing, offers $100000
Netflix is looking to boost the reality of cloud computing via its OSS, taking it to the next level and helping it realize its potential. How is it doing this? Via its Netflix CloudPrize competition, which it is using to challenge developers across ...


Is your cloud drive really private? Not according to fine print
"When users place their data with cloud computing services, they lose the ability to maintain complete control of that information," said Lillie Coney, associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). The fight against child ...

BDR Cloud Services Market: Innovation vs. Commoditization
MSPmentor (blog)
When it comes to cloud-based backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services, the market is still growing rapidly but some MSPs are starting to worry about commoditization. No doubt, vendors want to stay ahead of the commoditization curve. Among the moves ...

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