Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cloud as job creator

Cloud as job creator, crazy times for Microsoft Azure storage
One fear among IT people is that the move to cloud computing will mean job cuts. But that may not really be the case, according to a new Rackspace-backed survey. Among 1,300 U.K. and U.S. companies surveyed by the Manchester Business School, found ...

Meet the Microsoft Office Luddites: Why power users won't live in the cloud | PCWorld: "The bottom line is that Microsoft knows its customers still need (or at least want) traditional, "hit-a-button-and-install-this-to-my-programs-folder" software. But who, exactly, are the holdouts who refuse to make the switch to Google Drive, Office 365, or even Microsoft's Office Web Apps? Who's still using a local copy of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint exclusively, and why?  They are the Office Luddites, and here they explain why they'll give up their Office DVDs only when you pry them from their cold, dead hands."

VMware cloud saga continues; Amazon kicks up monitoring ...
CRN followed up in August with its report on Project Zephyr which it described as a challenge to Amazon's public cloud.his week CRN again reported on VMware's AWS killer. The previous week, VMware CEO heated up all the chit chat when he implored ...


What if your cloud dashboard isn't telling the truth? Hint: It ain't good
hat happens if you can't believe your own dashboard? Whether it's for your car, your plane or your computing cloud, it's not a good thing if the console that's supposed to tell you what's really going on just isn't ...


Four Steps to the Cloud: Start By Firing Your Sales Team
So says Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Tiffani Bova , who opened UBM Tech's XChange Solution Provider 2013 in Orlando with a session on cloudcomputing and the channel. Bova explained how solution providers that are looking to ...

12 Certainties That Will Transform Every Career and Create New Ones | Flash Foresights from Daniel Burrus | Big Think: "7. Cloud Services and Virtualization will be increasingly embraced by businesses of all sizes, as this represents a major shift in how organizations obtain and maintain software, hardware, and computing capacity. IT is rapidly becoming an on-demand service that is rapidly transforming all business processes resulting in a rapid evolution of current careers as well as creating new careers in every functional area."

IBM, EMC, And Others Are All Trying To Buy The Same $2 Billion Cloud ...
Business Insider
SoftLayer is a cloud-computing and Web-hosting provider with about 25,000 customers, mostly small and mid-sized customers, making it the world's largest privately held website hoster, Damouni reports. EMC most likely wants this company to boost its ...

Business Insider

Dropbox Bought Mailbox Because It Wants To Be More Than A Cloud Storage ...
In addition to Mailbox, an app designed for iOS devices, Dropbox has made a few other acquisitions that point specifically to cloud services that work on mobile devices. They include Audiogalaxy for music and Snapjoy for pictures on the consumer side ...

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